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Wilton Miwok Rancheria

April 16, 2021: (RULING) Stand Up For California v. Department of the Interior
The Court rules in favor of the Department of the Interior.
July 22, 2020: Stand Up and et al final opening brief - Appeal
October 21, 2019: Press Release - Notice of Appeal Filed to Federal District Court Decision
U.S. District Court District of Columbia Notice of Electronic Filing The following transaction was entered by MacLean, Jennifer on 10/21/2019 at 4:06 PM and filed on 10/21/2019 Case Name: STAND UP FOR CALIFORNIA! et al v. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR et al Case Number: 1:17-cv-00058-TNM Filer:PATTY JOHNSON STAND UP FOR CALIFORNIA! JOE TEIXEIRA LYNN WHEAT WARNING: CASE CLOSED on 10/07/2019 Document Number: 111 Docket Text: NOTICE OF APPEAL TO DC CIRCUIT COURT as to [109] Memorandum & Opinion, [110] Order, by PATTY JOHNSON, STAND UP FOR CALIFORNIA!, JOE TEIXEIRA, LYNN WHEAT. Filing fee $ 505, receipt number ADCDC-6466169. Fee Status: Fee Paid. Parties have been notified. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A, Order, # (2) Exhibit B, Memorandum Opinion)(MacLean, Jennifer)
October 7, 2019: Stand Up v. U.S. Dept of the Interior –Decision Federal District Court
The decision favours the Wilton Tribe. Stand Up has filed a Notice of Appeal to this decision October 21, 2019
June 13, 2019: Stand Up and Citizens Reply Brief
Motion for Summary Judgement
April 22, 2019: FOIA Reply Water & Sewer Easements
documents included in related items
April 1, 2019: Stand Up v. DOI (Wilton) Oral Arguments Requested -- Points and Authorities
January 19, 2019: Stand Up for California v. U.S. Dept. of Interior – Wilton
In May, the citizens established a prima facie showing of bad faith on the part of the government. As a result, the government was ordered to log the over 1,000 documents it tried to withhold from the administrative record. When the government refused to fully comply with that order, the citizens were forced to file a second motion. The government quickly capitulated, and in December, it produced a privilege log for the hundreds of documents it left off the first log. Because of the citizens’ efforts, the government ultimately produced hundreds of documents it improperly withheld. Those documents show that the Tribe pressured the government to cut corners and the government willingly agreed, working around the clock to issue a decision that normally takes 15 months in less than two days. The Tribe is touting the Court’s denial of the citizens’ extraordinary request to override attorney-client and deliberative privileges as a major victory, when in fact the citizens have succeeded in forcing the production of hundreds of records that document serious problems with the decision. The case will now proceed to the merits, with the benefit of a more accurate administrative record.
October 15, 2018: Letter to NIGC
Sept. 2018: Supplemental NEPA Review - NIGC
Supplemental NEPA Review of Management Contract
May 31, 2018: Stand Up for California v. Secretary of the Interior
"Citing the apparent "political pressure" from Capitol Hill and a "rushed review process," U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden this week granted opponents of the Wilton Rancheria's proposed casino more leeway to seek additional Interior documents." "It's a technical decision, but a pointed one, with McFaddden concluding there was evidence of "bad faith" by Interior officials. The 16-page decision is also instructive, offering a behind-the-scenes snapshot of an administration's furious final days."
April 16, 2018: Motion to Complete or Supplement the Administrative Record
This Motion was brought forward because the Dept. of the Interior was withholding 1,098 documents as privileged. Plaintiffs appealed that response on February 12, 2018, but the Department did not timely resolved the appeal or produced the Vaughn index as requested.
February 28, 2018- Ruling: Stand Up v Department of Interior
SOI Zinke, BIA
UPDATE: August 10, 2017: Amended Federal Complaint
Citizens and Stand Up for California are challenging the sudden flurry of decisions made to approve the taking of land into trust for the sole purpose of a casino within the city limits of Elk Grove.
January 22, 2018- Federal Register
Tribal State Com.
June 20, 2017: Petition for Writ of Mandate
Alleged CEQA and Brown Act Violations by the City of Elk Grove
Jan. 19, 2017: Email Ethics Official Comments on Potential Conflicts of Ms. Dutchske
Jan. 17, 2017: Email Ms. Dutschke to Ms Grigonis
Ethics concerns
Jan. 17, 2017: Email between Ms. Dutschke and Assistant to the Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs
Ethic's Officers wants information regarding family relationships with Wilton Tribal Members
Pages from City of Galt.pdf
Oct. 1, 2017 Motion for Summary Judgement
Stand Up Motion for Summary Judgement
Sept. 7, 2017 Request of Secretary of State
Request to comment on certification of Tribal State Compact
Sept. 7, 2017 Request for a Veto of AB 1606
August 14, 2017: Request for Clarification of Ruling
State Court Ruling
Today, citizens of the City of Elk Grove and Stand Up for California filed an amended federal complaint against the United States Department of Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and in their official capacity Ryan Zinke Secretary of the Interior and Michael Black - Special Assistant to the Director.
July 17, 2017: Stand Up For California Statement of Dismissal of Administrative Appeal
July 14, 2017: Final Agency Decision - Gaming Fee to Trust
proposed casino at the outlet mall in Elk Grove
June 20, 2017: Citizens v. City of Elk Grove
Petition for Writ of Mandate PRA and Brown Act Complaint
March 17, 2017: Mr. Black's Notice of Assumption
March 13, 2017: Amended CEQA Complaint / Petition
City has multiple violations
March 15, 2017: IBIA - Objection to Mr. Black Assumption of Jurisdiction
March 8, 2017: Notice of Assumption by Michael Black
Feb. 21, 2017: Citizens IBIA COMPAINT - Petition for Preliminary Relief
Larry Roberts signed several decisions on Jan.19th well after 5pm as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary. Under 25 CFR 151.12, the only decisions that are final are those by the Ass Sec or Sec. All others go to IBIA. Land can't go into trust until after exhaustion of administrative appeal. This is crystal clear in the regulation. The Transfers into trust are invalid based on the following: Washburn did not assign responsibility to a Deputy Assistant – Indian Affairs. Roberts assumed Washburn’s position as acting ASIA on January 1, 2016. Once Roberts’ position as Acting ASIA expired (210 days into 2016), he was back to being Principal Deputy ASIA. A Principal Deputy ASIA has NO authority to sign off on a gaming fee to trust or issue a decision on trust lands
Jan. 19, 2017: Wilton Record of Decision
Jan. 17, 2017: Request for a Review
Jan. 13, 2017: Stand Up and Elk Grove Community Group comments on FEIS
Jan. 10, 2017: Governor Brown Comments on Wilton Rancheria
Jan. 9, 2017: Governor's Comment Fee to Trust
Jan. 2016: Beckham Report Wilton Rancheria
JAN. 6, 2017: Stand Up et al - NOA supplemental comments.pdf
Dec. 29, 2016: Letter to Asst. Sec. IA Larry Roberts
Dec. 22, 2016: CEQA COMPLAINT - Points and Authorities in Support Ex Parte Application for Order to Show Cause: Preliminary Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order
Pages 6,7,& 8 provide a timeline of events.
Dec. 21, 2016: Letter to Acting Assit. Secretary IA Larry Roberts
At this time we must request confirmation from BIA that it will not proceed with the trust application until a number of state law questions affecting title to the proposed trust land are resolved.
Dec. 16, 2016: Amendment to DA Recorded Book -Page 0447
Suspend ordinance until certification of the referendum signatures.
Dec. 15, 2016: Elk Grove City Officials Failed to Provide Citizens and Open, Fair Process
Wilton Constitution and By Laws
FOIA response requesting documents from 1936 forward
Nov. 23, 2016: Email Ms. Koch and Ms. Russel
Call from Chairman Hitchcock, he want to push the gaming application through before the new administration and has concerns over the unmitigated Corps issues.
October 12, 2016: Letter Opposing Amendment to the Development Agreement
Amendment to the DA allows Hughes Corporation to sell land to the Wilton Tribe for a Casino Development with Boyd Gaming.
Sept. 28, 2016: City Staff Report and MOU between City of Elk Grove and the Wilton Tribe
Sept. 28, 2016: City Resolution and MOU with the Wilton Tribe
Unsigned MOU
Sept. 27, 2016: Supplemental Comment letter Stand Up to BIA on DEIS
Sept. 26, 2016: CEQA Letter to City of Elk Gove
June 14, 2016: MOU
MOU between City of Elk Grove and the Wilton Rancheria
June 2016: Sacramento County MSA with Wilton.
Memorandum of Understanding and Intergovermental Agreement between the County of Sacramento and Wilton Rancheria
March 17, 2016: Wilton Tribe is seeking Restored Lands
March 3, 2016: Reply FOIA from OFA
September 28, 2015: Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board letter of comment
July 9, 2015: Department of Transportation Letter of comment
Comment letter of needed improvements to Route 99 and interchange
June 10, 2015: State Route 99/Mingo Road Interchange Concept Design Options
May 14, 2015: Cal Trans Office, Meeting Summary - Mingo Road Interchange Discussion
April 13, 2015: Sacramento County Comments on Administrative Draft EIS/TPED
Jan 1. 2015: Site Map of Proposed Project
August 26, 2014: Wilton Rancheria Trip Generation
June 24, 2014: Omni Means Wilton Casino Traffic Forecast
May 16, 2014: Letter of comment Community Development
Attached is a 7 page letter of comment dated January 2, 2014 and a letter dated March 22, 2013.
April 30, 2014: Revised Notice of Application - New Location
March 11, 2014: Omni Means - Eastview Specific Plan Transportation Impact Analysis
March 4, 2014: Galt Development Projections
Feb. 2014: Notice of Availability Wilton Scoping Report
Feb. 24, 2014: Two Additional scoping letters
List of environmental issues raised in the letters from the City of Galt and Tim Roboy former Council Member
Jan. 6, 2014: Stand Up For California's comment on the Notice of Intent
Letter of comment on the Notice of Intent Scoping Hearing to develop a casino along highway 99 outside the city limits of Galt.
2014: Slide Presentation to City of Elk Grove
Presenters Howard Huges Public Relations
Dec. 23, 2013: Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Dec. 19, 2013: Wilton Rancheria Project Site
Dec. 9, 2013: Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement
Document received by Sacramento County
December 2013: Tribal Executive Summary of Gaming Project
Dec. 4, 2013: Federal Register - Intent to prepare EIS
Dec. 4, 2013: Notice of Intent to file Environmental Report
Federal Register Notice: Off Reservation Gaming proposal
Dec. 4, 2013:  Notice of Intent EIS Proposed Gaming Application
This notice advises the public that the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as lead agency intends to gather information necessary for preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) in connection with the Wilton Rancheria's (Tribe) application requesting that the United States acquire land in trust in Sacramento County, California, for the construction and operation of a gaming facility.
Nov. 21, 2013: Tribal Council Resolution 2013-53
Proposed Off Reservation Casino, document initiates NEPA process
April 30, 2013: Wilton Tribe to Sacramento County Executive Notice of 160 ac. Application
March 15, 2013: Sacramento County Acceptance of Cooperating Agency Status
Dec. 9, 2009: Judges Orders Further Briefing
Oct. 26, 2009: U.S.District Court Docket Sheet
County of Sacramento, City of Elk Grove seek to intervene Complaint, answers, declarations and exhibits in related items attached to this page.
July 13, 2009 - Federal Register Notice of Restoration
June 26, 2009 - ltr County of Sacramento and City of Elk Grove to Governor Schwarzenegger
Request to intervene
June 4, 2009: Stipulation and Proposed Order for Judgment
Order for Stipulated Judgment
June 4, 2009: Stipulation For Entry of Judgment
Dec. 22, 1983: Tillie Hardwick v. USA
1983 Order Approving entry of Final Judgment and the Stipulation for entry of Judgment in the Hardwick case. See Paragraph 14 on page 7 of the Stipulation, i.e. Claims of Wilton, et al are dismissed without prejudice.
Sept. 22, 1964: Notice of Federal Termination of Federal Supervision
The Wilton Rancheria 38.81 acres, is located north of the Wilton Post office and general store, about twenty-four miles southeast of Sacramento, California, in Sacramento County. List of distributess.
July 13, 1964: Office of Tribal Operations
All actions required by the Bureau of Indian Affairs under the plan for the distribution of assets of the wilton Rancheria have been completed for some time and a "Completion Statement" was sent to your office on July 19, 1961.
July 19, 1961: Wilton Rancheria - Completion Statement
The convayance of the assents of the Rancheria has been completed within the three year period established in Public law 85-671.
August 18, 1958: Distribution Plan of the Assets
August 20, 1957: 85th Congress 1st Session H.R. 2824
To provide for the distribution of the land and assets of certain Indian Rancherias and reservations in California, and for other purposes.
2009: Response to FOIA - from Dale Morris Director
Request for historical documents on Wilton Rancheria
July 11, 1959: General Notice of Distribution Plan
June 14, 1928: Warranty deed lots 615, 616 and 617.
For the sum of $5000.00.
Nov. 9, 1927: Letter to Commission of Indian Affairs
It is found, after careful inquiry, that thirty-three families comprising at least one hundred and fifty homeless Indians reside and procure employment a considerable portion of the year in the vicinity of the proposed option, as shown by the attached list, giving the number of Indians in each family which is believed sufficient to warrant our serious consideration.
Dec. 29, 1927: Transmitted Deed
There is transmitted herewith deed from the Consumes Company to the United States conveying this property, with evidence of authority for the President or the Vice President together with the Secretary of said corporation to sigh documents of this character.

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