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Tule River Indian Tribe

August 3, 2020: Governor Newsom’s letter of Concurrence for an Off Reservation Casino
Jan. 7, 2020: Intergovernmental Agreement between Tulare County and Tule River Indian Tribe
December 12, 2019: FOIA Reply Tule River 292 Process
November 22, 2019: Governor Newsom Response Letter to PRA Request (292 Process)
Nov. 18, 2019: County of Tulare Response to PRA
Nov. 18, 2019: Gubernatorial Concurrence Policy
Nov. 1, 2019: Indian Affairs - Record of Decision
Includes request of Governor Newsom to concur for off reservation gaming.
Nov. 1, 2019: Tule River Record of Decision - two part determination
The Indian Affairs has issued a Secretarial Determination of gaming eligibility for the relocation of its casino.
October 11, 2018: Corrections Request
Notice of Gaming Land Acquisition Application - Tule River Indian Tribe
September 27, 2018: Acquisition Application for the Tule River Indian Tribe for 40 acres
Sept. 21, 2018: Notice of Availability DEIS - Off Res Gaming
2016- 12-31 Tule River Indian Tribe FTT Off Res for Casino .pdf
August 4, 2016: NOA 160 ac. Non-Gaming Fee to Trust
May 7, 2015: Notice of Decision 875 ac.
BIA takes the land into trust, 30 day appeal process begins
April 8, 2013: Governor Brown Comments on Tule River FTT
Feb. 5, 2013: Resubmitted Fee to Trust Application 878.55 ac.
Nov. 14, 2012: Tule River to the IBIA
"To clarify, the tribe requests to have the trust application withdrawn entirely."
Oct. 18, 2012: Request for Withdrawal of Decision
Lets mark this one a WIN for the citizens
July 22, 2011: Tulare County Openning Brief
July 22, 2011: Tuler River Appeal - Opening Brief
State of California v Pacific Regional Director Bureau of Indian Afairs
March 14, 2011: Pacific Regional Office BIA Requests an Extension
The BIA is requesting an extension in order to file the record of decision
Feb. 15, 2011: State of California, Taha Saleh, Shop n Save market, and the Coaltion of Retailers, and Tulare County of California
Order Consolidating Appeals
Feb. 7, 2011: Tulare County Appeal on 40 ac. fee to trust
Feb. 4. 2011: Coalition of Retailers Appeals 40 ac. fee to trust
Feb. 4, 2011: States Notice of Appeal on 40 AC.
Includes Exhibits
Jan. 4, 2011: BIA - Positive Determination 40 ac. FTT
Jan. 1, 2011: California Independent Oil Marketers Association
The addition of gas station/convenience stores as an added amenity to the destination resort casinos of tribal governments has created a new and evolving impact on independent gasoline retailers.
Dec. 29, 2010: City's Reply to PRA Request Unresponsive
The City's response to Items I and III of the November 1, 2010 PRA are not responsive to the request. Our Organization wishes to alert the City to the PRA process requirements. The City's PRA response is flawed in the following ways:
Nov. 17, 2010: Asst. DA Don H.Gallian Responds
I have reviewed all of the material that has been submitted concerning a possible Brown Act violation by the City Council of Porterville and their approval of the MOU between the City and the Tule River Indian Tribe. I have also reviewed all the articles written in the Porterville Recorder and the documents provided by each of your offices. I have reviewed the agenda items of the Porterville City Council and the agreements reached between the Council and the Tulare Indian River Indian Tribe. I have met with Julia M. Lew, the city attorney for the City of Porterville. I have met with representatives from Stand Up for California. I have reviewed the Brown Act as to how it would apply to this situation.
Nov. 1, 2010: Letter to DA Cline
A request for a hard look, at the process by which the City of Porterville approved the MOU with the Tule River Indian Tribe.
Nov. 1, 2010: PRA to City of Porterville
October 22, 2010: City Responds to Coalition of Retailers
The City disagrees with the Retailers contentions.
October 19, 2010: Governor's letter of comment on FONSI
October 13, 2010: Violation of the Brown Act
Coalition of Retailers is a group of civic minded business owners operating in and around the City of Porterville. We have reviewed and cited within this letter directly from the Attorney General of the State of California's publication, the substantial violations of the central provision of the Ralph M. Brown Act.
September 17, 2010: Amended FONSI
Tule River Application to BIA 09.15.10.pdf
Tule River Land Notice of Application.pdf
September 9, 2010: Re-submit Letters of Comment
On September 2, 2010 the BIA issued a FONSI on the 40 ac application by the Tule River Indian Tribe. The FONSI failed to include letters of comment which included the Governor's letter of comment. The BIA is withdrawing the FONSI and will consider the comments before resubmitting the FONSI. We hope the BIA will require a full EIS.
July 26, 2010: FINAL-Tulare County letter to BIA
Exhibits A - E
EXHIBIT A - Revised: RMA Letter to BIA
EXHIBIT B. 4.28.10 ltr to BIA re Tule Tribe airport land
EXHIBIT C.1 Letter
EXHIBIT C.2. Honorable Andrea Hoch
Exhibit D.1 7.22.2010 NEWS- City backs Tribes application for Trust
EXHIBIT D.2 7.23.2010: NEWS- Porterville Recorder
Exhibit D.3 7.22.2010- NEWS- Fresno Bee
EXHIBIT E Revised. ALUC Letter to BIA
Attachment: County of Tulare Letter to BIA
Improper Notification
July 26, 2010: Governor's Comments on Tule River Fee to Trust
July 26, 2010: Smiths Enterprises comment
June 2010: Draft Environmental Assessment Airpark
Unknown Future Developments
Feb. 10, 2010: Governor to US Dept. of Interior
The application does not demonstrate any need to transfer the land into trust nor does it demonstrate that the Tribe would not be able to proper economically without the land being in trust.
Dec. 23, 2009: Tule River Notice of 40 acres
Notice renewing 2002 application for land into trust
PRA Response to Concerned Citizens of Porterville
PRA Response to Stand Up For California
A sixty page document satisfying the PRA request.
Feb. 2009: PRA to the City of Porterville
Feb. 2009: Inquiry Status of Trust Application
Feb. 2009: PRA Response from Governor
"Have not been able to locate any responsive documents in Governor Office to the 2003 application for 40ac. by the Tule River Indian Tribe." Note: the timing of the application is during the recall, just prior to Governor Schwarzenegger taking office.
Sept. 2008: Gov's Veto Message AB 1884
The bill was to establish a JPA which included the Tule River Indian Tribe and the City of Porterville to address land use issues for the development of the casino.
April 6, 2004 Congressman Devin Nunes on Tule relocation.pdf
Parcel Map,Grant Deed Tule River.pdf
August 2003: City of Porterville comments
40 acre application of Airport Property
2003: Notice of Application for Trust
40 ac. at Airport Property
March 2002: Trust Application for Airport Property
1996: Denial for gaming on Hwy 190
1992: Draft Rpt on Tule River Creation
by Tribe
1928: Tule River Boundary Change
Chapter 614
Establishment Documents of Reservation
City of Porterville Card Club Ordinance.pdf

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