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Shingle Springs

March 17, 2021: Shingle Springs Legal Notice
May 27, 2016: El Dorado County Ltr of Comment
April 19, 2016: El Dorado County Request Extension on Comment Period
April 7, 2016: NOTICE OF APPLICATION - 25 Ac. Fee To Trust - Non Gaming
April 7, 2016: NOTICE OF APPLICATION - Fee to Trust 10.18 Ac.
Jan. 2011: Amicus Brief of Historic Shingle Springs Miwok
Diamond Springs El Dorado Fire Protection District v. El Dorado County Fire Protection District
Jan. 7, 2011: FOIA Request for ROD to transfer land into trust
Nov. 12, 2010: Shingle Springs Band v. Cesar Caballero
9th Cir appeal -
May 27, 2010: Suggested Stipulated Settlement
1. The term Historic Shingle Springs Miwok Tribe means a 1934 IRA voting tribe list as Shingle Springs Reservation. A sovereign tribal government that the United Shas recognized and list in the Federal Register As "ShingleSband of Miwok Indians" See 73 fed Reg 18553,18556 (april, 4 2008) 2.The term plantiff's , Veronas, Red hawk Casino Indians or Sacramento Verona Band Of Homeless Indians means A NON-IRA voting tribe and a soverereign tribal government the the United States has recognized and list as Shingle Springs Rancheria, Federal Register /Vol. 75, No. 96 /Wednesday, May 19, 2010 /Notices & are also recognized as Shingle Springs Rancheria, (Verona Tract)
July 1, 2009: Final Agency Determination
104.14 ac. non gaming
Sept. 8, 2008: Notice of Decision
104.14 AC non gaming
Sept. 8, 2006: Shingle Springs-Notice of Decision on 77.03 acres
May 23, 2005: Challenge to Tribal Recognition
June 17, 2004: Order denying reconsideration
2003: El Dorado County Position - Shingle Springs Casino
Nov. 25, 2003: Indian Lands Determination for Gaming
Shingle Springs Rancheria, El Dorado, CA.
Aug. 21, 2002 el Dorado County to Cal Trans.pdf
March 2002 - El Dorado question title.pdf
April 9, 2002: Fee to Trust Application
104.14 ac. non gaming
1965 Deed: Padilla
Oct. 30, 1919 Deed - Fee to US for use and occupancy.pdf
Jan. 12, 1918: Approved purchase of 160 ac.
Dec. 1917 Indian names and ancestry proposed to moved to Rancheria
Jan. 4, 1917: Agent Terrell Agrees Further Investigation
Agent Terrell agrees to investigate the relationships of the Hawaiians to the tribe and the degree to which others have become civilized
Dec. 1916 Washington makes further inquiry -legitimate Indians
Dec. 4, 1916: Consideration of Proposed Purchase
Concern is expressed over the use of the federal money - it is to be used to purchase lands for California Indians not Hawaiians or Indians that have become civilized.
Nov. 24, 1916: Agent Terrell to D.C.
wants to purchase 160 ac. to adjoin an 80 ac. parcel in El Dorado
May 17,1916 Purchase of Shingle Springs Rancheria
April 5, 1916 Terrell to Mike Murray landless homeless Indians
Feb. 10, 1916: Reply letter restating the aggregrating of small groups
Jan. 25, 1916 ltr from Mike Murray
Nicolaus, sutter County California
Jan. 22, 1916 ltr requesting evidence of willingness to consolidate
Jan. 4, 1916: Verona and Sacramento River Indians
Includes census and brief ancestry of the various groups.
Feb. 18, 1918: ltr to Meldrum owner of 160 ac. in El Dorado County
Sept. 19, 1918 Terrell to DC confirmation

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