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San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Sept. 9, 2016: Notice of Non- Gaming Acquisition 1.3 AC.
Notice of (Non-Gaming) Land Acquisition for the San Manuel to have 1.3 acres accepted into trust.
June 24, 2016: NOA Non-gaming, San Manuel LA - 20 acres
Notice of Application non-gaming application for 20ac.
MAY 9, 2016: Notice of Non Gaming Application 123.79 ac.
Dec. 2, 2010: Notice of Application 43.3 Ac FTT
Dec. 2, 2010: Notice of Application FTT 93 Ac.
Dec. 1, 2010: Notice of Application 24 AC. FTT
Sept. 9, 1893: Trust Patent
The Patent was applicable only to the initial acreage in Section 20. It was not revised to encompass the additional lands provided in 1907/08. This makes the 07/08 deeds and the stipulations contained therein important. The patent makes it clear that allotment was the goal under both Dawes and the Mission Indian Relief Acts. Arguably, it is not intended to facilitate band or tribal creation. At the end of the Dawes- mandated 25 year trust period, all unallocated lands would be returned to public domain. This in trust period was extended by Executive Order in 1918. Subsequent orders must be reviewed to reach a final determination.

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