Sept. 15 2017:   Ruling - Capay Valley Association v. Sally Jewell
United States District Court East District of California: Memorandum and Order
Decemeber 18, 2015: Tribe's FFT Letter to BIA
Dec. 12, 2015: Capay Valley Citizens v. SOI Sally Jewell
This Federal court case was necessary for the following reasons: 1. Trust status confers unlimited and pre-approved change of land use. 2. Tribal businesses (casinos, farming business, event center) have no legal accountability for persons affected by the tribe’s actions. 3. Trust status transfers the land use authority from the county and state to the tribe – more trust taking – more control of surface and ground water. 4. Trust status diminishes the political process and makes public officials less effective. This promotes a stronger and stronger parallel government.
August 14, 2015: Capay Valley Coalition v. Regional Director
IBIA rules in favor of Regional Director
February 19, 2015: Appellant Reply Brief Capay Valley
Feb. 4, 2015: Yocha Dehe Wintun Brief
Response to Opening Appellant Brief of Capay Valley Coalition
Sept. 5, 2014: Brown Act Summons
Capay Valley Coalition v County of Yolo
Jan. 9, 2014: Capay Valley v Regional Director Opening Brief
October 29, 2014: CAPAY VALLEY
August 19, 2014: Capay Valley v. Pacific Regional Director 853 Ac.
June 19, 2014: IBIA - Notice Assumption Jurisdiction
June 17, 2014: Solicitor at DOI taking jurisdiction of Capay Valley Appeal
June 9, 2014 Pre Docketing Notice CAPAY v Pacific Regional Director.pdf
June 2014: Capay Valley Citizens File Appeal on Fee to Trust
April 28, 2014: Notice of Decision 853 acre taken into trust
Sept. 24, 2013: Yolo Co Letter to Ms Dutschke of BIA
Comment on Fee to Trust
July 29, 2013: Notice of Application 852.90 ac.
non gaming
Jan. 25, 2013: Yolo County FONSI Response to BIA
August 2, 2011 Capay Valley to Sen. Feinstein.pdf
July 13, 2011 Comments on Tribes Project.pdf
2009 - 2010 Yolo County Grand Jury Report
Impact of Cache Creek Casino Resort on Yolo County, pages 9–16
August 3, 2010:Yocha Dehe DTEIR response - DRAFT
While this is a draft it was posted to the BOS agenda - thus it is public
August 3, 2010: DTEIR response - BOS report

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