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Rohnerville Bear Band

August 12, 2020: Bear Band files Bad Faith Challenge Against the State
The Tribe charges that the State of California has failed in its duty under federal law to negotiate a gaming deal in good faith. The Tribe asserts that the State is asking for improper provisions such as compliance with state and federal environmental laws, anti-workplace discrimination and retaliation ordinances and to carry a 3 million dollar insurance to cover related items. More..
Oct. 16, 2012: ABC Administrative Judge Ruling
Start anew -- ABC investigators instructed to do a proper investigation
July 29, 2011: Singley Hill Homeowners Association Reply Brief
7-22-11 Post-Hearing Brief.PDF
July 1, 2011: Singley Hill's Opposition Brief
5-19-11 Hearing Transcript.pdf
March 30, 2011:Bear River ABC Hearing Notice
Hearing is set for May 19, 2011, in Eureka.
March 4, 2011: Bear River Motion for Reconsideration Denied
Feb. 24, 2011: Bear River Casino Order
extending time to reconsider - March 7, 2011
Feb. 23, 2011: Letter to ABC Requesting Motion for Reconsideration
Feb. 23, 2011: Executed Motion for Reconsideration
includes exhibits
Feb. 18, 2011: Singley Hills Homeowners Letter to California Bureau of Gambling Control
Feb. 10, 2011: CHP - Additional information on DUI's on Singley Road
Names and Ages of DUI incidents
Jan. 27, 2011: PRA Request to CHP -DUI on Singley Road
Jan. 25, 2011: ABC Appeals Decision and Order
The matter is remanded to the Administrative Law Judge for further proceedings as may be necessary.
Jan. 24, 2011: Citizens Letter to ABC regarding DUI Collision
photos attached
Dec. 8, 2010: Singley Hill Homeowners Association Ltr to all decision makers
Nov. 23, 2010: Ruling - Rohnerville Bear Band v ABC
Page 5: Middle of second paragraph “It has developed a plan to control traffic at the intersection which would involve the use of a barrier system similar to the barrier system that BIA had rejected. See Exhibit 2 to Request to Remand, etc. ) Even though there are some loose ends that need to be tended to, there is ample time between now the June 2011 deadline of the department’s order for appellant to provide a solution acceptable to ALL parties concerned. “ all parties include the Singley Hill homeowners.
Oct. 1, 2010: Bear Band Motion to introduce new evidence
Oct. 7, 2010: Notice of Hearing ABC APPEALS BOARD
Sept. 22, 2010: Congressman Thompson to BIA
Please provide an explanation why the BIA will not allow the change in the road.
August 5, 2010: Bear Band Reply Brief
hearing scheduled for October 7th.
82 DUI incidents
June 20, 2010: Summer Reading II
Community Perspective
June 9, 2010: Memorialization of telephone conversation
Thank you for your phone call yesterday notifying the Singley Hill Homeowners Association that the Tribe has scheduled a meeting for Thursday, June 10, 2010. During that call I advised you that providing less than forty eight (48 hours) notice was not sufficient notice and we will not be able to attend. We are not opposed to meeting in the future; In fact, we welcome such a meeting to discuss all issues related to the casino's expansion and liquor license, past and present.
June 2, 2010: Singley Hill Reply Brief to ABC Appeal
Licensee has not met its burden because it has failed to show that the underlying decision was not supported by substantial evidence. As a matter of law, the appeal must be dismissed.
May 19, 2010 Lueders to Appeals Board
"1. the Department did not participate in the underlying hearing and was merely the forum for the hearing; and 2) it appears the findings contained in the ALJ's Proposed Decision - as adopted by the Department - are supported by the evidence and the remedy within the sphere of reasonableness."
May 18, 2010: Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria - ltr to County.
unenforcable promises
May 17, 2010: ABC Appeals Board Grants Continuance
Court Date is reset for Oct. 7, 2010
May 5, 2010: Appeal Board to ABC
Reniche reply to Lueders Singley Hills is determined to be a party to the appeal
May 3, 2010: Rohnerville Bear Band Appeal Brief
Tribe claims that condition #8 created a legal impossibility
April 29, 2009: Bear River Hearing Transcript
April 29, 2009: Bear River Hearing Exhibits
Includes a Letter from Congressman Thompson supporting the position of the need to address traffic issues that ensure the safety of the public. The road closure design is on page 33.
April 28, 2010: ABC to Appeals Board
Singley Hills Homeowners Association should be a party to the appeal
April 21, 2010: Letter of Comment on Trust Determination
Humboldt county has serious concerns regarding the trust determination and wishes to comment for the record.
March 22, 2010: Notice of Decision
Notice of decision for the Rohnerville Rancheria to have lands accpeted by the United States in trust for the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria of California. The proposed purpose of the land is for tribal housing, a mini mart, RV Park and associated Tribal facilities.
Dec. 1, 2009: EPA to Congressman Mike Thompson
RE: who issues the permits?
Oct. 1, 2009: Request to Army Cor of Engineers
Request for a wetlands review
Sept. 30, 2009: Congressman Mike Thompson to BIA
Off reservation environmental Impacts
Sept. 30, 2009: Congressman Mike Thompson to Chairman Leonard Bowman
Sept. 30, 2009: Congressman Mike Thompson to EPA
Serious off reservation impacts on the environment
August 2009: Environmental Evaluation - Casino/Hotel Expansion
Bear River Casino Hotel Addition And Expansion
2009: Sheriff's Incident Reports
Sept. 15, 2009 Singley Hill Homeowners Assoc. Comment on EE.pdf
Sept. 18, 2009: Humboldt Community Services Development - Planning Division Comments
Sept. 17, 2009: Humboldt County Comments on Bear River Expansion Project
Supervisor Smith request a 60 Day extension of time to evaluate the proposed project due to its size and scope
Sept. 8, 2009: Ltr to Congressman Thompson
Request for support on wetlands
April 29, 2009: Bear River ABC Transcript
Nov. 26, 2008: ABC to Noel Krahforst
Persons or Associations may file an accusation
August 4, 2008: County of Humboldt
Traffic Mitigation
2007: EE - Improvements to Singley Road South
Dec. 2007: Federal Easement
Jan. 24, 2007: Key Employee License Denied!
James Gannarelli - item #15 on the CGCC agenda - "...withdrawal with prejudice for an application as a key employee.
June 1, 2006: Post-Hearing Brief by George Foreman
April 26, 2006: Memorandum of Agreement
Rohnerville Bear Band and Noel Krahforst Agreement
Oct. 20, 2005: Recognition of Singley Hills Homeowners Association
Stand Up For California letter to Administrative law Judge Greenberg
March 4, 2005: Tribe responds to County Request for Off Reservation Mitigation
January 2005: Tribe responds to neighbor Mr. Costa
No Mitigation off reservation
Feb. 22, 2005: Jimmy Smith to Ms. K. Locken - ABC
Jan. 28, 2005: Streamline Mitigations letter to citizens
The letter represents a project review of offsite impacts by Tribes consultant
August 8, 2004: Resident Lou Costa to Tribe
Casino Project
August 2002: NIGC Restored Lands Determination
Controversial Determination for off reservation gaming
MT June 23 2000.pdf
Feb. 1. 2000: Governor's Office Responds
The Governor will not evaluate the land status of the Tribe.
Jan. 7, 2000: Request of Governor Davis
Please review the land status of the Bear Band before approving the compact
April 14, 2000: Report on Proposed Project of the Bear Band
Winzler Kelly EIA 1999
Sept. 1999 reply Strom Martin.pdf
Feb. 1999 Loleta to Chesbro.pdf
June 1998 Noel to Strrom Martin.pdf
Sept. 10, 1997: Congressman Riggs to Chairman of Bear Band
This is in response to the fourth draft Environmental Assessment (E.A.) for the proposed gaming facility construction and operation, Rhonerville Rancheria, Bear River Drive, Loleta, California and to your letter dated September 3,1997.
Oct. 2, 1997 Bear River Band to Sup Dixon.pdf
June 13, 1997: County of Humboldt to Bear River Band
June 10, 1997 NIGC no gaming.pdf
June 10, 1997: NIGC to Building Concepts, Inc. AZ
The management contract, development contract etc. needs NIGC approval.
June 10, 1997: NIGC responds to Building Concepts inquire for approval
On June 6, 1997, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) received a number of documents from the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria (Tribe) for a determination as to whether any of the documents require the approval of the NIGC Chairman. The documents reviewed include: (1) a Financing and Development Agreement (2) a Loan Agreement (3) a Master Lease (4) a Participating Lease (5) an Assignment of Rents and Leases and (6) an Adjustable Rate Promissory Note. We conclude that the Financing and Development Agreement contains several management provisions and thus constitutes a management agreement, requiring the approval of the NIGC Chairman. The Loan Agreement is collateral to the management contract and also requires approval. -
May 12, 1997: Senator Mike Thompson to Sec. Ada Deer
Despite ongoing construction activity on site, the Rohnerville Rancheria has not yet received lead agency approval as required by the National Environmental Policy Act A casino, parking lot and wastewater treatment facility are under construction while the Environmental Assessment document is being circulated for comment.
May 6, 1997 Humboldt County Resolution.pdf
Sept. 10, 1997 Rigss to Bear Band.pdf
July 22, 1997: County of Humboldt
Traffic Impact Study for Bear Paws Casino
MT April 17 1997.pdf
April 1996 County to Bear Band.pdf
April 22,1996: Dept. of Public Works
March 8, 1996 Dept. of Health and Human Service-Bear River.pdf
Feb. 1996 Dept of Tranpor to Bear Band.pdf
Feb. 1996 LACO Bear Band dismisses.pdf
Feb. 1996 NIGC Approves Gaming Ordinance.pdf
Feb. 1996 Sup Dixon to NIGC.pdf
Jan. 16, 1996 Dept. of Public Health Bear River.pdf
Jan. 1996 HUD to Bear Band.pdf
Jan. 4, 1996: Army Corps of Engineers Responds to LACO
A request for clarification of the Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction in the wetlands area.
Dec. 1995 Dept. of Health to Bear River Band.pdf
March 1995 HUD to Bear Band.pdf

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