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Los Coyotes

Nov. 7, 2014: Final Comments on Fee to Trust Process
Stand UP For California submits comments.
Sept. 18, 2014: Los Coyotes Narrative Fee To Trust in Barstow
Sept. 18, 2014: Notice of Gaming Acquisition Application
June 2, 2014: Stand Up For California Comments on FEIS
The FEIS is flawed and an insufficient basis on which to predicate a final decision. In addition to having numerous inconsistencies and deficiencies, the document must be supplemented in order to address changed circumstances. Enforceability must be addressed in a Supplemental EIS. Finally, the FEIS’s purpose and need statement must be corrected and the range of alternatives expanded to include other site alternatives. For all of the above reasons, Stand Up For California and Barstow Christian Ministerial Association believe the FEIS to be “fatally flawed” and ask that you take a hard look and deny the requested fee-to-trust application and Two-Part Determination.
April 18, 2014: FEIS
Comments due in 30 days
Oct. 5, 2012: Los Coyotes Memo from BIA
re-notice of acquisition as a two part determination
Feb. 2011: Los Coyotes v. Eagle Rock Training Center
Decision -- eviction is lawful
September 14,2011: Stand Up For California's Letter of comment on DEIS
Los Coyotes proposed off reservation casino and trust application in the City of Barstow
August 4, 2011: Search Warrants for Arson on Tribal Members
July 1, 2011: Los Coyotes - Background on Proposal
July 1, 2011: Los Coyotes Press Release
July 1, 2011: Resurrected Off Reservation Casino Proposal
Los Coyotes proposed casino in the City of Barstow announces its DEIS
March 27, 2009: Federal Reg: Notice of New EIR
Off Reservation proposal - two part determination
May 2008: Fed. Reg. Notice of Cancellation
Jan. 4, 2008: Los Coyotes Denal letter at Barstow
Oct. 17, 2007: Termination of Business Relationship
Between Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians and Barronhaus Ltd.
Oct. 11, 2007: LCB Bar West, LLC to Chairwoman Saubel
Today, we appear to be at a crossroads in terms of who, if anyone, will work with the Tribe for a casino in Barstow. A noted above, we are the group that has spent $19 million on this project and was able to bring in the Big lagoon Rancheria and a team dedicated to the Tribe's success.
Sept. 28, 2007:Los Coyotes to Barwest and Tribe
Proposed Gaming Compact has expired
April 12, 2007: Email- Improper use of Iacocca Name
April 12, 2007: Dykema to Mr. Barth F. Aaron
Letter is to memoralize our telephone conversation of April 10, 2007, regarding a possible conflict of interest that was brought to our attention. Dykema represents Full House Resorts with respect to the ongoing Michigan litigation regarding the approval of the Indian gaming compacts, Taxpayers of Michigan Against Casinos v Michigan. We also represent Barwest, LLC a Michigan limited liability company that is involved in the development of Indian casino projects in the State of California.
July 13, 2005 City of Barstow Special Meeting.pdf
May 23, 2005 Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition.pdf
July 23, 2004 Office of Governor Tribal State Negotiations.pdf
July 20, 2004 Governor Schwarzenegger to Pastor Charles mattix, III.pdf
July 1, 2004 Letter to Mayor Dale and City Council Members
I write today on behalf of community groups in Barstow, the Coalition for Responsible Growth, a community group of ci ic minded Barstow citizens, and the Barstow Christian Ministerial Association, an organization representing 40 churches with an attendance of 5,000 plus members in this small community. These groups have expressed their concern about the off-reservation casino proposal by Los Coyotes Band of .Mission Indians and BarWest investors from Michigan.
June 7,2004 Municipal Service Agreement
June 7, 2004 City of Barstow Disposition and Development Agreement.pdf
June 7, 2004: Disposition and Development Agreement
March 1, 2004 City of Barstow Exclusive negotiating Agreement.pdf
June 3, 2004: Governor's Executive Power Establishing Objective Criteria
Jan. 20, 2004 City of Barstow - Agreement for Legal Services.pdf
July 31, 2003 Determination of Land status request.pdf
July 29, 2003: Mayor Dale responds to New Life Fellowship Questions
June 3, 2003 Exclusive negotiating Agreement.pdf
May 27, 2003: Barronhaus Ltd. Service Agreement
Service Agreement signed by Chairwoman Saubel
May 2003 Executive Summary Market Analysis
April 6, 2001 Joint Venture Partnership.pdf

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