June 25, 2018: Notice of Fee to Trust 119.35 ac. off res non gaming
Karuk currently has 17 fee to trust applications pending of which 9 are for off reservation lands totaling more than 600 ac.s. 6 are for contiguous lands and 2 for On reservation acquisitions.
April 23, 2015: Notice of Fee to Trust Application 49.50 acres
June 26, 2014: Opposition Letter to Compact Ratification
April 25, 2012: Gaming Legal News
Karuk reversal of 2004 Indian lands determination featured
April 3, 2012: NIGC Revised Legal Opinion - Restored Lands
Revised opinion amends the gaming ordinance to allow gaming on land acquired in trust in March 27, 2001, well after the cutoff date of IGRA. This opinion reverses a prior legal determination that the land is not eligible.
June 7, 2010: City of Yreka v. Pacific Regional Office of the BIA
IBIA 08-110-A The City has appealed the May 14, 2008, notice of decision issued by the Pacific Regional Director to accept into trust a 0.90 acre parcel of off reservation land. IBIA - rules in favor of the trust decision.
Jan. 2009: Karuk v USA
Aboriginal land claim. The case has been filed and summons issued in March. There is no indication of service or answers being filed.
Feb. 21, 2006: Request for Investigation
County of Item #8
Dec. 2005: Siskiyou Board of Supervisors Agenda
Item # 10: karuk Tribal proposal for the siting and operation of a casino. Hearing minutes are included in related items.
November 2005: Casino Proposal
Sept. 2005: Letter from Governor's Office
The Governor is not presently engaged in compact negotiations with the Karuk Tribe.
Oct. 2004: Negative Lands Determination by NIGC
After Acquired lands(1989) do not meet the exception of restored lands.
March 24, 2004: Karuk Notice of Land Application
Response to PRA to Governor's office.
Sept. 3, 1998: Notice of transfer of fee land into trust
Miller and Hayes Track
Jan. 8, 1985: Karuk Tribe v. Area Director BIA
Jan 15, 1979 Karuk Revitalization Memo
Based on the findings collected by a member of the Bureau's Central Office staff during a field trip last November, the continued existence of the Karoks as a federally recongized tribe of Indians has been substantiated.

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