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May 24, 2016: Ruling-San Diego County v. Regional Director BIA
Jan. 5, 2015: Ewiiaapaayp Band IBIA appeal of 18.95 acres.pdf
October 21, 2014: Notice of Decision Ewiiaapaayp for 18.95 acres
September 6, 2013: San Diego County & Viejas v. Ewwaaiippii
Order Vacating Decision and Remanding
Nov. 8, 2012: 18.95 Fee to trust Acquisition - Notice of Application
This property is approximately 40 miles from the established reservation and 1.5 miles from the Indian Health Clinic. The tribe states it is a non gaming acquistion with no change in the zoning of the vacant property on Alpine Blvd.
Jan. 25, 2002: AG Lockyer to BIA
Comment on Fee to Trust which includes a request for a Reservation Proclamation

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