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Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians

March 17, 2021: Enterprise Notice of TEIR in Appeal Democrat
MARCH 20, 2021: DRAFT - FIRE MOUNTAIN CASINO MUSIC VENUE PROJECT from Dec 22, 2020 01:20 PM to Mar 20, 2021 01:20 PM FZJRUDkcPV0EHhiep3WZDijzPqL1vDYIlKuKg6MAo MNmp2yP6xqq_g0
October 18, 2018: UPUD Agenda
Casino JPA removed
September 27, 2018: Joint Meeting Wheatland Fire Authority and Brophy Fire Protection Department
Discussed: Provision of Fire Protection Services to the Enterprise Rancheria Casino
Sept. 5, 2018: Draft Joint Powers Agreement between OPUD and Enterprise Rancheria
May 21, 2018: Wheatland Fire Authority and Plumas-Brophy Fire Protection District v. Olivehurst Public Utility district
Olivehurst Public Utility District Board of Directors and Does 1-20 inclusive
May 7, 2018: Fire Services MOU Olivehurst
May 2, 2018: 9th Circuit Opinion
Ruling for Sec. of the Interior favoring Enterprise Rancheria Casino Development
April 18, 2018; MOU Between Enterprise Rancheria and OPUD Fire Services
January 22, 2018: Grass Valley Neighbors to Yuba County
CEQA Violations, Breach of MSA
November 21, 2017:  Colusa Chairman to Yuba County BOS
Wayne Mitchum Jr. Letter to Yuba County
November 1, 2017: Colusa Indian Tribal Chairwoman to Chairman Fletcher of the Yuba BOS
The Enterprise has commenced construction without complying to the terms of the MOU.
October 18, 2017: Reply Brief to 9th Cir.
Citizens for A Better Way v. Ryan Zinke
June 26, 2017: Central Valley Flood Board
February Letter response
Dec. 21, 2016: CalPac Rancho Cordova v. US DOI
Challenge to Secretarial Procedures
Nov. 22, 2016: United Auburn Indian Community v. Governor Brown
Petition before the California Supreme Court, does the Governor of California have authority to grant concurrence for off reservation gaming?
October 13, 2016: Citizens For A Better Way v. Governor Brown
Oct. 10, 2016: Governors Consent to Administer Sec. Procedures
May 1, 2016: Letter of Support for H.R. 5079
LaMalfa Legislation to protect the California Tribal State Compact Process
Feb. 2016: Bad Faith Ruling in Favor of Enterprise
Court rules that the Legislature by inaction has acted in Bad Faith. The court orders the compact to be concluded.
Dec. 15, 2015: PRA Reply from ABC
Dec. 14, 2015: Enterprise Federal Liquor Ordinance
Nov. 16, 2015: Ltr to Senator Feinstein from Supervisor Connelly, Butte Co.
Sept. 29, 2015: Supervisor Vasquez to U.S. Senator Feinstein
September 24, 2015: Federal Order - Citizens for A Better Way v. Secretary of the Interior
Final Ruling on federal challenge
Sept. 11, 2015: Motion to File for Status Conference
Federal Case
June 15, 2015: Enterprise Notifies Court of Development
October 15, 2014: Enterprise v State of California
Bad Faith Complaint and States Reply in related items below.
May 22, 2014: Letter to the City of Marysville -- Show Me the Money
June 3, 2014: Letter to Assembly Member Adam Gray - Oppose Enterprise Compact
Please list Stand Up For California in opposition to the ratification of this tribal state compact.
August 19, 2013: Citizens for a Better Way v. Salazar
Final Ruling Sacramento Superior Court in favor of the Governor
May 4, 2013: Special Meeting of the South Yuba Water District
Agenda items 4,5 and 6. Remove covenants on the land, why?
March 12, 2013: County of Butte Opposing Enterprise Off Reservation Casino
March 2012: Colusa County Resolution - Oppose Enterprise Off Reservation Casino
Feb. 25, 2013: Citizens for a Better Way v. Governor Brown
Citizens for A Better Way, Stand Up For California and Grass Valley Neighbors bring this action to require the Governor to set aside his concurrence for the Off Reservation casino in Yuba County and to compel full compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act.
Jan. 31, 2013: Senator Feinstein to Ken Salazar
Given the significant unanswered questions and the lack of consultation as recommended by Executive Order 13175 which calls for "meaningful consultation and collaboration with tribal officials in the development of Federal policies that have tribal implications," I urge you to open a formal rulemaking process to resolve these outstanding issues prior to implementing this new policy.
Dec. 20, 2012: Citizens For a Better Way v. Salazar
Complaint and Motions
Jan. 11, 2013: Elected Officals Request Senator Feinstein's Assistance
Request for assistance for a stay of taking the land into trust as required by the BIA's own regulation 151.12 (b).
Jan. 2, 2013: Correction to Notice to Acquire 40 acres in Trust
Dec. 14, 2012 Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians of Colusa Indian Community v. Salazar
Dec. 12, 2012: United Auburn Indian Community v. Salazar
Nov. 2012: Record of Decision "151 Process"
Dept. of the Interior ROD on the fee to trust process
Dec. 3, 2012: Notice to Take Land Into Trust
Nov. 30, 2012: Advanced Notice Intent to take land into trust
August 9, 2012: Senator Feinstein to Governor Brown
Oppose off reservation gaming
March 9, 2012: Senator Feinstein to Asst. Sec. Larry Echo Hawk
"I write to inquire about the status of the delinquent report from your Department on the supposed "strong local support" for the two off reservation casino projects in California you approved last September."
March 8, 2012: Interior Response to Conference Report
Internal Memo from Director Office of Budget
March 7, 2012 FOIA Appeal to BIA
Feb. 13, 2012: Colusa Indian Community Opposes Enterprise Off Reservation Venture
Jan. 17, 2012: Supervisor Bill Connolley - Butte County
Oppose Enterprise Rancheria Off Reservation Casino in Yuba County
Jan. 5. 2012 Concurrence and CEQA
Dec. 12, 2011: Enterprise Casino Factsheet
Dec. 7, 2011: Wheatland Town Hall
Dec. 5, 2011: Release Survey on Off Reservation Proposal in Yuba County
Dec. 2, 2011: Off Reservation Polling Memo
Jim Moore Methods Consulting Firm Survey conducted in Nov. questions asked of voters regarding off reservation gaming proposals
Nov. 28, 2011: Announce Town Hall in Wheatland
Stand Up For California and Citizens for a Better Way host community meeting.
Nov. 2011: Rev. Denis O'Connor to Governor Jerry Brown
Oppose Off Reservation Casinos
Nov. 21, 2011: Town Hall Series Kicks-Off Around California as Communities Voice Opposition to Off Reservation Casinos
Nov. 21, 2011 For Immediate Release Stand Up For California
Oct. 31, 2011: Mr. & Mrs. Recendez to Governor Jerry Brown
Oppose off reservations casinos -- impact on small business
Oct. 18, 2011: Conant Orchards Oppose Off Reservation Casino
Nov. 15, 2011 FOIA to DOI BIA on AES.pdf
2011: Wheatland City Lobbying Agreement
Oct. 10, 2011: Lou Binniniger, Board Member Yuba County Board of Education
Oppose off reservation gaming.
September 30, 2011: Tribal Leaders Off Rez Opposition Letter to Governor Brown
Opposition to Enterprise and North Fork
Sept. 26, 2011: Supervisor Vasquez to Governor Brown
Oppose off reservation gaming
Sept. 23, 2011: Feinstein to Gov Brown Opposing 2-Part Determination
Sept. 11, 2011: Mooretown Chairman sends letter to Governor
Sept. 1, 2011: EchoHawk Letter to Governor Brown re Enterprise Trust Proposal
Enterprise Trust Proposal Asst. Secretary is seeking the Governors concurrence
Sept. 1, 2011: Fact Sheet Enterprise Rancheria
Sept. 2011: Record of Decision 292 Process
ROD by the Dept. of the Interior
August 16, 2011: Echo Hawk to Assemblymember Logue
Feb. 24, 2011: Chairwoman to Tribe
September 7, 2010: Colusa Indian Community comments on Enterprise FEIS
September 7, 2010: FEIS Comment by Stand Up For California
September 7,2010: FEIS Comment by Sierra Club
September 6, 2010: United Auburn Indian Community comments on FEIS
Sept. 4, 2010: Grass Valley Residents Comment
My name is Steve Enos, I’m a land use and environmental planner and the Director of “Grass Valley Neighbors” (GVN), just “up the hill” from Yuba County in Grass Valley. GVN is a group of Grass Valley area residents that share a common interest in issues of land use, development and the environment that have the potential to impact residents of Grass Valley, Nevada County and the region.
Sept. 3, 2010: Final EIS Peer Review Memo
Peer Review Memo
Sept. 3, 2010: Citizens for a Better Way
Comment on FEIS for the Proposed enterprise Rancheria Gaming Facility and Hotel in Yuba County
August 6, 2010: Federal Register - FEIS
Comment Period
Feb. 9, 2010: Memo from Pacific Regional Office to Asst. Secty
We recommend that the project be determined not detrimental to the surrounding community.
Oct. 25, 2009: Enterprise Rancheria #1 to Congressman McClintock
Feb. 8, 2010: Chairman of Mooretown to Yuba BOS
Since Yuba County ventured forward 8 long years ago, aspiring to develop an off reservation casino with the Enterprise Tribe, many State and Federal policies have come into question. Thus, we are writing you again to alert you to a number of serious issues that Yuba County faces should it choose to continue in this endeavor:
Sept. 11, 2009: Mc Clintoc - Fluffy process letter
May 2009: Mooretown Rancheria Requests Opportunity to Comment
The Mooretown Rancheria of Concow Maidu Indians was not contacted and offered the opportunity to comment in regards to the Enterprise Rancheria of Maidu Indians application. At the same time local government officials in our county were.
May 11, 2009: UAIC Comments on DEIS
Supplemental Letter
March 2009: Yuba County Final Letter
The MOU between the applicant and Yuba County, as well as requirements contained in the EIS will mitigate identified impacts so that the placement of the 40 acres into trust and development of the casino will not have a detrimental impact on Yuba County. However, if agreed upon mitigation measures identified in the MOU or in the EIS are not implemented locating a gaming establishment on newly acquired land will have a detrimental impact on Yuba County.
March 2009: United Auburn Indian Community Opposes Concurrence
March 2009: Citizens for a Better Way Oppose Concurrence
Is the intention of Supervisors and staff to present unbiased information to the BIA in the letter responding to your letter of January 16, 2009. or, rather is the letter intentionally biased to conform with obligations to the MOU?
March 2009: Indians of Enterprise No. 1 Oppose Concurrence
The current leadership of the Enterprise Tribe has des-enrolled long-standing members of the Enterprise Rancheria. It appears that the new leadership has usurped the tribal status of Rancheria No. 1, in order to assert development of a casino outside of aboriginal territory in Yuba County. The current tribal government is seriously impacted by the Carcieri v. Salazar U. S. Supreme Court Ruling.
March 2009: Draft Letter-Yuba County Concurrence
This is a draft letter. The letter was debated at the March 10, 2009 Board of Supervisor Hearing. Amendments will be made to the letter that cite the negative impacts of the proposed project on the community.
March 2009: Assembly Member Dan Logue
"Even more importantly, it was the understanding of the electorate in 2000 when Proposition 1A passed, that gaming was to remian on "Indian Lands" as implied on the ballot measure. The mood of the State Legislature has not been favorable to reservation shopping, and there are real questions as to whether a tribal state compact would be ratified in this case. "
March 2009: Stand Up comments on Concurrence
Stand Up For California
2009 - CTBA Tribes oppose Off Reservation Gaming
Jan. 2009: Governors comment on Concurrence
“We believe that for these reasons the Secretary should not proceed with the acquisition. Thank you for considering our comments.”
2009: Tribal Request for Fee To Trust Application
Jan. 2009: BIA Request for Comment
Enterprise is a discretionary application requiring the approval of the Governor.
Nov. 26, 2008: Notice of Gaming Acquistion
Chris Gallardo-CNIGA Leg & Political Director
Letter supporting off reservation gaming in Yuba County

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