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May 7, 2018: FOIA Reply
Grant of Easement for Right of Way 5 pages Option Agreement 17 pages Grant of Easement for Right of Way 3 pages Form of Residential Permit Option 8 pages Standby Pump Agreement 10 pages Havasu Lake Quadrangle 1 page Havasu Landing 2 pages
March 28, 2017: Ruling
The State did not exercise bad faith
June 23, 2016: Chemehuevi and Chicken Ranch v. Brown and State of Calif Complaint
Tribes argue that the termination date of December 31, 2020, effectively grants power to the State to terminate a Tribe's gaming activities by refusing to reach agreement on a renewed compact at the end of the 1999 Compact term, if the Tribes do not agree to the compact term favored by the State.
July 1, 2010: Background on Trust Patent by BLM
July 1, 2010: Notification to Governor
The cited section of law in this letters requires 60 days prior notification to the completion of a Trust Patent.
July 1, 2010: Notification of Patent
Notification to Stand Up For California
July 1, 2010: Trust Patent
A century-old oversight by the federal government was remedied this week when the Chemehuevi Indians were finally given official title to their 32,500-acre reservation along the Colorado River in eastern San Bernardino County. Officials explained a missing signature on the 1907 document -- a trust patent -- as a "historical anomaly," said Jan Bedrosian, spokeswoman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The omission was discovered in 1984 by a Chemehuevi law clerk researching other matters, said Charles Wood, tribal chairman. NOTE: the 1907 Act did not amend the definition of Mission Indians to include the Chemehuevi.
Report: Status of Chemehuevi Lands
History of the Chemehuevi Indian lands by Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham
June 15, 2010: US DOJ to Havasu Water Co.
Eviction notice
March 22, 2010: Chemehuevi v. Secretary Salazar
This is an administrative procedures challenge against the Secretary of the Interior for failing to issue a Reservation Patent since 1907 under the Mission Indian Relief Act. However, The Chemehuevi Tribe is NOT a Mission Indian and thus no Reservation Patent can be issued for land that is not authorized by an ACT of CONGRESS.
March 2009: Reply Solicitor will consider Takings Assessment
In the matter of your request for a "Takings Assessment" we have asked the Department's Office of the Solicitor for advice and counsel as to the applicability of Executive Order 12630 to this situation. Once we have received our solicitors' advice we will assess what our appropriate action will be on this matter.
Jan. 2009: SOI Ken Salazar- Request for Takings Assessment
Lake Havasu Water Company and its many customers are about to loose their sole water supply. Lake Havasu Water Company requests a takings assessment.
Oct. 2008 ALERT Governor Schwarzenegger
July 2006: Congressman Halts 99 year lease
July 4, 2006 by David Bell
June 28, 2005: Bogus Aboriginal and Historical Nexus to Land
2002: Chemehuevi Trust Patent Briefing for Secretary
Dec. 2001: Shoreline Lease
Agreement between Bureau of Reclamation and Chemehuevi Tribe
4-22-99: Attorney Marsten to the BLM
11-20-98: BLM to Nordwall
8-10-98: Nordwall to BLM
Nov. 1993: ltr San Bernardino BOS - County Jurisdiction over Land at Lake Havasu
8-20-90 Nordwall to BIA
August 20, 1990: Chemehuevi Request for Trust Patent
Nordwall responds.
BIA 1985 Memo
Chemehuevi are not Mission Indians
April 21, 1977: Chemehuevi Tribal Constitution
This amended constitution approved 4-21-77 is to replace the constitution of June 5, 1970 authorized by the Act of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat.984)
Judge Avery Crary: June 9, 1975
Preliminary ruling - as a result the Tribe and Owner of Havasu Landing agreed on a sale price. The Judge viewed the actions of the federal government as a "takings".
August 10, 1974: Title to Certain Lands Riparian to Lake Havasu
June 5,1968: DOI to Havasu Palms use of Lower Colorado River
1965 Lands Commission Settlement
DOI to Secretary Jan. 31, 1907
DOI to Gen Land Oct. 2 7, 1907
Background-1954: Development of Davis/Parker Dam

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