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Big Sandy

Feb. 3, 2014 Administrative Record of Big Sandy Appeal
Appeal of the Land Consolidation Area
Jan. 3, 2014: Big Sandy v Pacific Regional Director
Denial of Tribal Land Consolidation Plan
June 7, 2011: FOIA Response from BIA
April 25, 2011: FOIA Response from Pacific Regional Office
April 21, 2011: FOIA Response from Tribal Operations
April 12, 2011: State of California Comments on DEIS
The land upon which the project is proposed does not meet the legal threshold of IGRA, moreover, the project as planned violates the Tribe's tribal state compact.
April 12, 2011: Comments on Big Sandy DEIS
Stand Up For California submits comments on Big Sandy off reservation proposal
March 29, 2011: NIGC Responds to Stand Up For California
NIGC has no record of a new investor for the Big Sandy Band. The information was requested as the Tribe stated they had a new investor.
March 22, 2011: Fresno Board of Supervisors Agenda Item
Draft comments for review by the BOS.
March 21, 2011: FOIA Request on Big Sandy
March 7, 2011: Notice of Extension for DEIS
Comments Due April 12, 2011
March 2, 2011: Brownstone's Motion to dismiss
Big Sandy v Brownstone
Feb. 28, 2011: FOIA Request of NIGC - Who is the new investor?
Big Sandy is suing its current investor and states that it has a new investor.
Feb. 3, 2011: Big Sandy v Brownstone
Big Sandy complaint against Brownstone the investor
Jan. 27, 2011: Stand Up For California to BIA
Request to be added to notification list and a copy of the DEIS on CD.
Jan. 14, 2011: Notice of Application for Gaming
July 2, 2010: NIGC Review of Contracts
Investor Brownstone LLC
Sept. 2006: NIGC - approves gaming on allotment
September 27, 2005: Fresno County letter to BIA
Sept. 2005: Governor ltr to NIGC
Indian Lands Opinion
March 28, 1983: Stipulation for Judgment in Big Sandy v. Watts
Big Sandy Indian lands from NIGC
Narrative re Rancheria.pdf

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