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Big Lagoon

July 31, 2015: Letter from Coastal Commission to SOI
Request for Consistency Determination from the Secretary of the Interior for Class III Gaming Compact for the Big Lagoon Rancheria submitted by the Court appointed Mediator
June 4, 2015: Big Lagoon 9th Cir Ruling
11 member panel rules in favor of the Tribe but only on technical procedure issue leaving open the Carcieri question .
June 11, 2014-order-granting-petition-for-rehearing-en-banc.pdf
Big Lagoon v State of California
March 17, 2014: Big Lagoon v. California - United States Amicus Brief
Jan. 21, 2014: 9th Cir Order on Big Lagoon
Yea for the State! No casino in an environmentally sensitive area.
April 24, 2012: Big Lagoon - States Appeal
Nov. 26, 2011: Big Lagoon Compact
As a result of the Rincon v Schwarzenegger litigation, the state was order to enter into a compact with Big Lagoon. The mediator accepted Big Lagoons last offer over the State of California.
Sept. 29, 2011: Mediator accepts Big Lagoon Compact
State cannot require environmental protections
May 11, 2011: Big Lagoon's Last Best Offer for a Tribal-State Gaming
Mediator Accepts Big Lagoons last offer
Jan. 27, 2011: Order Denying States Request for Stay Pending Appeal
Nov. 22, 2010: Order Granting Summary Judgement to Big Lagoon
July 1, 2010: Big Lagoon v. State of California
Attached are two versions of the State's memorandum in opposition to Big Lagoon's motion for summary judgment, and in support of the State's cross-motion for summary judgment, that were filed with the court in July 2010. The 7/1/10 version includes more detail regarding the historical documents. The court ordered the State to file a shorter document, which is the 7/15/10 version.
October 2, 2009: Notice of Decision Fee to Trust
5.01 additional ac. accepted into trust for Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon Tribal State Compact
Compact negotiated and never ratified for an off reservation casino 750 miles from original rancheria. Compact negotiated as a two part determination intent on resolving significant environmental concerns and difficult long standing litigation between the Tribe and the State of California. The compact sets significant standards and limitations for gaming on after acquired lands, patron and employee protections, environmental protections and revenue to the State.
March 29, 1999: Photographs of Proposed Big Lagoon Casino
May 19, 1997: Order Granting Amicus Curiae to Gov
May 6, 1997: Humboldt County Resolution
Aug 1996: Big Lagoon Park v BIA
Feb. 4,2014: Big Lagoon v. California Order Granting En Blanc Review

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