Nov 27, 2018: Notice of Land Acquisition Barona 5.93 (non gaming)
Nov. 14, 2014: Notification of Trust Application 200.4 AC
Vacant land, potential pipeline.
May 20, 2014: Notice of Decision 200 ac.
Dec. 11, 2013: Public Acts Request to City of San Diego
In the Baron Band's narrative dated September 28, 2006, to the fee to trust application dated November 8, 2013, the Tribe states, " ... the Tribe has sporadically been engaged in negotiations with the City of San Diego over the last four years to purchase and pump water to the Barona Reservation via a pipeline from San Vicente Reservoir located nearby".
March 8, 2013: Notice of Decision
65.33 ac.
July 11, 2009: Letter to Duncan Hunter from Barona Noise and Pollution Action Committee
July 6, 2007: Hunter to Bureau of Indian Affairs
Letter regarding Fee-To-Trust for Pipeline
June 11, 2007: Letter from Sup. Jacob to Bowling
Novemeber 1, 2006: County of San Diego Dept. Planning and Land Use
Letter to Bowling
October 25, 2006: LAFCO
Old Barona Rd. Water Supply
September 11, 2006 : Letter to Dianne Jacob from Bob Bowling
Regarding Upper San Diego River Organization
September 11, 2006: Bowling Testimony LAFCO Reorganization
August 2006: by Bob Bowling, President Old Barona Road Association.
Scientific Solution to the Barona Conflict by  Bob Bowling the elected President and spokesperson of the members of the Old Barona Road Association. Mr. Bowling responds to San Diego Union article,  “Neighbors seek water relief”, the informative August 20, 2006 article by Chet Barfield, once again brought to the light the unfortunate origins of the loss of a domestic rural water supply
July 18, 2005: Letter from Feinstein to Hunter
Letter regarding the import of 20,000 acre feet of water from the Chemehuevi Tribe to support the Casino and Golf Resort.
July 14, 2005: Editorial Barona / Hunter Deal
Novemeber 4, 2004: MWD letter to Stand Up

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