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Struggles and triumph on the long road back

Gambling Insider March 8, 2018 Raymond Hitchcock, Chairman of the Wilton Rancheria tribe of California talks to Gambling Insider about the tribe’s journey back from the brink of extinction to a new and more prosperous future with the development of a $500m casino

Our people, the Miwok, have lived in California for millennia. Our ancestors hunted and fished and lived off the land in what is now called the Sacramento Valley. Their home was a vast swathe of territory running from the American River drainage to the north, to the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, south to the entrance to Yosemite Valley and west to the delta of San Francisco Bay.

Many Californian Indians thrived, including the Miwok, numbering nearly 200,000, until the California Gold Rush of 1849. Then followed the 17 broken treaties of 1851 that were never ratified by Congress, and ultimately decades-long genocide. By the 1870s, there were only about 20,000 California natives remaining.

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