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State Lottery games the system for itself

By The Editorial Board | [email protected] | PUBLISHED: December 25, 2018
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Lotteries have been proven to disadvantage lower-income residents. They sometimes throw winners curveballs they’re not prepared to handle. And they often encourage people to pin their hopes on fantasies instead of earning success through hard work.

In the Golden State, however, the state Lottery has taken advantage of California dreamin’ to grow ever bigger. Its revenues have expanded for nearly a decade, hitting around $7 billion in sales this year alone. Unfortunately, the good times have come with a troubling cost. In addition to being too big, the Lottery is increasingly irresponsible with its own money. An audit report submitted to the Controller’s Office, thanks to an investigation triggered by a whistleblower’s warnings, shows that procedures designed to curb inappropriate expenditures were skirted.

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