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First step taken in property annexation

• By Zoë Strickland, Reveille EditorJune 5, 2019

During the last Cloverdale City Council meeting, the council passed a resolution allowing the Dry Creek Band of Pomo Indians to submit a pre-zoning and annexation application to the city. The application is for two parcels, a 26.5-acre parcel at 235 Kelly Road and a 19.5-acre parcel with no assigned address. Both are located in the unincorporated, south end of town within the urban growth boundary.

“Really the intent here is to annex in and start building the housing project first, construct the infrastructure to serve that project and, because of the rules of LAFCO and that you have to be contiguous to the city, the parcel to the east is coming along with us,” said Kevin Doble, senior project manager for LACO Associates, which is handling the projects.

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