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Executive Branch Provisions Found in Statutes

Chris Micheli May 6, 2019

Here are some interesting provisions about the executive branch found in state statutes (along with the relevant section):

General provisions are found in Article 1 of the Government Code in Sections 12001 – 12002. The Governor may appoint and set salaries for personnel he or she deems necessary for the office. (Section 12001. The Governor must appoint a person to work in Washington, D.C. to represent the state in the nation’s Capital. (Section 12001.5) That person must provide an annual report to the Senate Secretary and Assembly Chief Clerk regarding his or her activities. (Section 12001.7)

Article 2 deals with the powers and duties of the office and are found in Sections 12010 – 12019. The Governor must supervise the official conduct of all officers. (Section 12010) The Governor must determine the distribution in the executive agencies of deputies or employees, except those subject to Senate confirmation. (Section 12010.5)

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