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California Countdown

By Dave Palermo Sun, Apr 21, 2019

A longstanding battle about the right to offer banked card games could be about to boil over. Who will prevail—the tribes or their rivals, in the card rooms?

Ardath Hyer and her husband moved to Redding, California 16 years ago, hoping to buy a house, which they could not afford when they lived in Santa Cruz.

“It was our dream,” she said at an October workshop held by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Gambling Control (BGC). “When I moved here and started a job at the Casino Poker Club, it enabled me to buy a home. It also enabled me to gain guardianship of my four nieces and nephews, raise them and give them a life here.”

If California regulators require rotation of the player-dealer position for versions of blackjack and other banked card games—which the BGC is contemplating—Hyer said she and thousands of card room employees would lose their jobs.

“I believe that this will hurt all small card rooms,” she said of the proposed regulation. “It’s such a large part of our income.”

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