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Oct. 2007: SB 839 Chaptered - Full Text of Bill

The State Fireworks Law requires the State Fire Marshal to adopt regulations relating to fireworks as may be necessary for the protection of life and property, and requires the State Fire Marshal to appoint deputies and employees as may be required to carry out the provisions of that law. That law provides that the State Fire Marshal, his or her salaried deputies, or a chief of a fire department, or his or her authorized representatives, a fire protection agency, or any other public agency authorized by statute to enforce the State Fire Marshal's regulations, may seize any fireworks, as described, and may charge a person whose fireworks are seized with specified costs of transporting, storing, and handling the seized fireworks. That law also makes it unlawful for a person to, among other matters, transport fireworks unless those fireworks have been classified and registered by the State Fire Marshal.

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