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Priority among "ready “petitions is based on the date that the Department determine: the petition is ready under the regulations at 83.10(d). The order of consideration of documented petitions shall be determined by the date of the Department's notification to the petitioner that it considers that the documented petition is ready to be placed on active consideration. The petitions found here are listed as: "not ready", "ready" - to be placed on active consideration, "active consideration" or "resolved". Petitioners are listed in numerical order.
Dec. 2013: Status Summary of Federal Recognition
List of Petitioners included in related items
Petitioner #82 Southern Sierra Miwuks - ready status
Jan. 2, 2012: Tejon Tribe Re-affirmed
Jan. 2010: Nevada City Rancheria
Rancheria group seeking federal recogntion by attempting to reopen the Tillie Hardwick class action case.
Petitioner #210: Costanoan Tribe of Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista Missions
Resolved - status withdrawn May 10, 2000
Petitioner #202: T' Si-Akim Maidu of Grass Valley, Placer County
Not Ready: Letter of Intent submitted Nov. 1998, 11 days after the passage of Proposition 5, the first ballot measure to legalize casino gaming on Indian lands in California.
Petitioner #158: Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians
ready status
Petitioner #154: Federated Coast Miwok
Resolved - Status granted through Congressional Action
Petitionier # 140 Gabrielino Tongva Nation
Letter of Intent Filed March 31, 1994 Chairman Anthony Morales
Petitionier #140A Gabrielino/Tongva Indians of California Tribal Council
Letter of Intent Filed August 14, 1997 Chairman John C. Lassos
Petitioner#131: Essenlen Tribe of Monterey County
Resolved- status- application withdrawn
Petitioner #111: Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of San Francisco Bay
Resolved - Status denied12-16 -2002 through litigation
Petitioner #120: Amah Mutsun E and of Ohlone/Coastanoan Indian
Ready Status: Letter of intent Sept. 18, 1990
Petitioner #99: Chukchansi Yokotch Tribe of Coarsegold
Resolved - application withdrawn 9-6-2000. Members enrolled with the Picayune Rancheria Band after 1988.
Petitions #84a,84b: Juaneno Band of Mission Indians
March 16, 2011: NEGATIVE DETERMINATION - two competing factions seeking recognition of the same tribe. This tribal group had the potential to set a precedent for 11 other petitioning Mission Indian groups. Group states it will appeal to the court.
Petitioner #85: Tolowa Nation
Resolved - Status Denied
Petitioner #82: Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation
Ready Status
Petitioner #70a: Kaweah Indian Nation
Resolved - Status denied
Petitioner#51: Death Valley TimbiSha Shoshone
Resolved - Status Restored
Petitioner #2: Ione Band of Miwok Indians
Resolved - Status Confirmed by the Secretary of the Interior March 22, 1994
May 21, 2011: Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
non acknowedged group forms a non-profit
Shasta Indian Nation

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